Morpheus is recruiting developers to port XNU to ARM64 platforms

Apple TV hacker Morpheus is back on the jailbreak scene but this time he’s working on a port. Here’s what he will be doing to get started.

Porting XNU to ARM64 architecture

As you already know, Apple has fully open sourced the source code of iOS kernel up to iOS 10.3.3. ,

Morpheus will now be utilizing this open code to compile XNU for ARM64  and ARMv7 (unlikely) from source.

iOS and macOS kernel are based on XNU whereas ARM64 refers to the processor architecture present in iPhone and Raspberry Pi.


His priority is to initially port a few important components such as kexts and iBoot clone loader. The will also need to find a way to circumvent the KPP (Kernel Patch Protection) present in iOS firmware.

Therefore, he is recruiting a team of developers along with whom he will work on the port.

Eminent developer Coolstar has already expressed interest in joining Morpheus’ motley band of hackers. However, his support will remain limited only to kexts.

Will this be useful?

Although it’s not jailbreak related, it is an interesting development for the developers and the community. In layman’s terms, they will be porting an iOS clone to Android systems.

They will be working primarily with legacy iOS 8 devices. Consequently, users who are on current firmware versions will obviously miss out.

The Raspberry Pi community is already on it so let’s see who develops the port first. If you have the right skills, be sure to hit Morpheus up on Twitter and get this over with.

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