LockGlyphX iOS 10 – Add Apple Pay Animation to Lock Screen

Developers Sticktron and AppleBetas have updated one of the most popular Cydia tweaks for iOS 10 – LockGlyphX. If you are a long time jailbreaker, this tweak really needs no introduction. Let’s find out more about this tweak.

LockGlyphX for iOS 10 – Apple Pay Animation in Lock Screen

LockGlyphX Cydia tweak allows you to add the Apple Pay finger scan animation to the lock screen when Touch ID is activated. It looks very neat as compared to the native iOS interface.

lockglyphxiOS 10

This replacement looks futuristic as you can see the entire TouchID recognition process. It also supports custom themes, colors and sounds.

Here’s a video demonstration of this slick tweak.

LockGlyphX adds Apple Pay finger scanning animation to the lock screen

Posted by Yalu Jailbreak on Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Once installed, you just need to use Touch ID and the slick Apple Pay animation will be displayed. All themes made for the older LockGlyph are compatible with LockGlyphX.

It also offers tons of customization options. As shown in the video above, the Settings section consists 3 main sections –

  • Behavior – This section lets you enable/disable the tweak, change unlocking sound and unlock the device instantly.
  • Appearance – This section lets you change the theme, hide the circle, change color, scanning animation and text.
  • Animation – This section lets you choose the animation style and its speed.

LockGlyph tweak wass originally developed by evilgoldfish. However, as evilgoldfish was busy with studies, developers Sticktron and AppleBetas had to do all the heavy lifting.

Download LockGlyphX for iOS 10   

LockGlyphX is open source and available on Github. If you have programming experience, any improvements/fixes are more than welcome.

Whether you are a setup enthusiast or a novice user, this tweak is a must have. If you are already using the beta from Sticktron’s repo, redownload the updated version from BigBoss.

LockGlyphX is available for download on BigBoss Cydia repo/source for free. It is fully compatible with iOS 10.

So did you download this amazing new tweak?

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