How to protect your iPhone from Trustjack attacks

Trustjack vulnerability leaves almost all Apple devices open for exploitation. Here’s how you can stay secure and protect your device from such attacks.

How is Apple dealing with Trsutjacking?

In response to Symantec’s disclosure, Apple has implemented a new security check whenever the user “trusts” a computer. This ensures only the smartphone owner can trust the connected computer.

While this is a welcome addition, it doesn’t quite patch the original vulnerability in iTunes Wi-Fi sync.

Security researcher Roy Iarchy has warned that a simple passcode prompt cannot provide adequate protection.

The reason behind this is that once the user establishes the “trust”, the device will become vulnerable to Trustjack attacks.

Securing your iPhone from Trustjack attacks

There have been no reports of such an attack being used to hijack a device.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to keep your smartphone or tablet secure from any and all exploits that might threaten your device.

While there’s no official fix thus far, you can take a few precautions to keep your Apple device secure.

1. Revoke access to trusted computers

Trustjack attacks rely on the “link” between your device and the malicious computer. Once you break this link, the attacker will no longer be able to access your device.

Here’s how you can revoke access to trusted computers.

Step 1 Open the Settings app.

Step 2 Go to General > Reset.

Step 3 Tap Reset Location & Privacy.

Step 4 Enter your passcode and confirm.

2. Encrypt iPhone backups

Encrypting your backups will ensure that your data stays protected even if a hacker manages to retrieve it. The standard backup encryption is powerful enough to prevent anyone from snooping around in your data.

To encrypt your backups, simply connect your device and open iTunes. Select the Encrypt iPhone backup option and enter a powerful password.

3. Install SEP Mobile app

Symantec’s security team recommends SEP Mobile app to secure your iPhone from malicious profiles and applications.

Since hackers utilize both of these in a Trustjack attack, protecting against them is of the utmost importance.

You can download SEP Mobile by Skycure for your iPhone or iPad below.

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