08Tc3wBB to present iOS 13.7 kernel exploit at Black Hat Europe 2020

Independent security researcher, 08Tc3wBB, is all set to present his iOS 13.7 kernel exploit at Black Hat Europe 2020. Here’s all you need to know about it.           

08Tc3wBB to present iOS 13.7 kernel exploit at Black Hat

Security researcher 08Tc3wBB is all set to deliver a talk on a kernel-level exploit at Black Hat Europe 2020.

In his presentation, the veteran bug bounty hunter will delve into the topic of jailbreaking iOS 13. This talk will cover in detail how hackers exploit vulnerabilities to achieve root access on the iOS operating system.

08Tc3wBB will also talk about their root cause, exploit development, and mitigation bypass techniques to gain kernel-level read/write privileges. The remainder of the presentation will focus on vulnerability discovery and reverse engineering tips for hackers.  

For those who don’t remember, 08Tc3wBB also demonstrated a jailbroken iPhone 11 Pro Max running iOS 13.6.1 firmware back in August. The device in question was jailbroken with the help of custom kernel read/write primitives.             

Blackhat Europe 2020 will be a fully virtual event this year. It is slated to be held on December 7-10. 

When will the iOS 13.7 jailbreak exploit go public?

We have confirmed that 08Tc3wBB plans to share the exploit with Pwn20wnd, the developer behind unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 11.0-13.5.

For the sake of an iOS 13.7 jailbreak, 08Tc3wBB has built a version that has been tested stable. It exports tfp0 and has no problems to perform mach_vm functions.

Typically, hackers who disclose their exploit or vulnerability to Apple are not allowed to share its details with third-parties until it’s patched. Once Apple releases a new operating system update with the required patches, then and only then can an exploit be made public.   

Eventually, the source code and the writeup for the exploit will be released on ZecOps’ website for others to study.

Since the Black Hat event will be held in December, we can safely assume that this exploit will not see the light of the day until 2021. And once it’s released into the wild, it might take weeks or even months to develop a full-blown jailbreak for iOS 13.7 firmware. 

Apple will release iOS 13.7.1 or 13.8 with the necessary patches very soon. If you are interested in a jailbreak, we highly recommend you stay on iOS 13.7 (or 13.6.1).                                         

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