Best Cydia Repo/Sources for iOS 10/10.1.1/10.2 [2017 List]

With the release of the new Yalu tool to jailbreak iOS 10.1.1, let’s dust off some classic topics related to the jailbreak. Cydia developers are working hard to upgrade their tweaks for the iOS 10. For those who have performed the jailbreak procedure, take a look at the best repositories of Cydia.

Cydia sources 2017 list

Jailbreak allows you to extend the functionality of your device with an arsenal of tweaks, apps, hacks that are distributed through Cydia, an app that you will find in the springboard after jailbreak. Currently, the latest jailbreak is available only for iOS 10.1.1 firmware on 64-bit devices.

The best tweaks are paid but there are some sources where you can find tweaks and apps for free.

Top Cydia Repo/Sources for iOS 10 [2017 List]

List of the main Cydia repositories/sources where you can download free Cydia tweaks –

  • – XSellize Repo (one of the most comprehensive repositories)
  • – Sinful iPhone Repo (very rich in games and ringtones)
  • – iPhoneCake Repo (very good repo for games)
  • – Ryan Petrich’s Repo (Cydia repo of eminent tweak developer Ryan Petrich)
  • – BiteYourApple Repo (loaded with tweaks/hacks)
  • – HackYouriPhone Repo (contains many hacks for games and performance enhancing apps)
  • – Insanelyi Repo (contains many good packages)
  • – xSellize Repo (one of the oldest repos on the scene)
  • – Ivano Bilenchi’s Exile90 Software Repo  
  • – Qusic Repo
  • – Hashbang (contains a very large number of excellent tweaks including ScreenFade and Tap To Unlock)
  • (the best open-source media server for any platform)
  • – Flux repo  (F.lux is a tool that dramatically improves the display quality under different lighting conditions)
  • – Karen’s Pineapple Repo (if you are a fan of emulators, this repo offers a pretty decent collection with major titles such as Duke Nukem)
  • – Coolstar Repo (repo for experienced users who are familiar with command line)

I would like to point out that many packages are also present in more than one repo. This means that when looking for a tweak/game, you will get the same results and will need to decide which source to install the package.

For those who are unfamiliar with the use of Cydia, here’s how you can add individual repo/source to Cydia on iOS 10. Here are the steps –

  • Open Cydia on your iOS 10 device.
  • Select Manage > Sources.
  • Select Edit at the top right > Add and enter the URL of the repository you want to add.
  • You will find all the installed packages in “Installed” tab on Cydia.

With these sources added, you will have many free tweaks, games and apps. This will increase customization, features and content on your iOS device.

Note – These guides are purely educational in nature. We do not assume liability for improper use or illegal conduct of these tools.