Coolstar Stashing for iOS 10 – More space for Cydia Tweaks

Admit it, with cool tweaks releasing everyday you must be running out of space. Today another great Cydia tweak has been updated that solves this issue. Let’s find out more about it.

Developer Coolstar has updated Stashing for iOS 10 and made it much more safer to use. If you are running out of space, give it a go. Here’s an official tweet that confirms this.

How Coolstar’s Stashing Works

In the conventional stashing method, Cydia moves native iOS folders such as Wallpapers, Ringtones, Apps among others to /var/stash. This frees up space on the system partition. Cydia basically stashes iOS firmware folders.

cydia installer

This method is effective but dangerous. This can break your firmware/device and requires Patcyh to fix this issue. However, Patcyh is compatible only with untethered jailbreak tools.

This makes conventional stashing harmful in a semi-untethered jailbreak.

The latest update fixes this issue altogether by stashing differently. In this case, Cydia does not stash the firmware folders. It stashes Cydia tweaks/themes instead of iOS components.

This method is much safer than conventional method when used with semi-untethered Yalu jailbreak.

Why is Stashing Important?

Your iOS device may not contain enough space to install Cydia tweaks. This can result in several errors and can even brick your device. Here’s the details regarding system partition on various devices.

  • 16 Gigs – 68 MB free space
  • 32 Gigs – 200 MB free space
  • 64 Gigs – 500 MB free space
  • 128 Gigs – 1.2 GB free space

This makes it essential on lower end models (16/32 GB).

Coolstar’s awesome tweak stashes your tweaks/themes/data to data instead of the system partition. Data partition has much more space and you can install your favorite tweaks without worrying about space.

Cydia Tweaks Incompatible with Coolstar’s Stashing

Here’s a list of tweaks that currently don’t work with Stashing. They cause errors, crash or just don’t stash at all. This happens because stashing is still being updated for Yalu jailbreak.

  • Activator
  • Filza (crashes if not installed from official Cydia source)
  • RePower (this tweak will works after enable/disable)
  • iCleaner (reboot needed)
  • iTransmission 4
  • Freeloader
  • CrashReporter
  • BobbyMovie
  • CinemaBox/PB
  • F.lux
  • ShadowSocks
  • DataMeter
  • Kodi
  • gpSphone

Be aware that if you can not even install this tweak, you will have to delete some tweaks in order to have enough space to install. If you are facing errors, follow our iOS 10 Errors and Troubleshooting FAQ.

Download Coolstar’s Stashing for iOS 9.2/10/10.1.1/102

coolstar's stashing for ios 10

Stashing for iOS 9.2-10.2 is available for download on Coolstar’s repo ( for free. It is compatible with iOS 9.2 to 10.2 firmwares.


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