List of Cydia Tweaks Compatible with iOS 10/10.1.1/10.2

Hacker qwertyuiop just demonstrated his exceptional hacking skills by working on a jailbreak all by himself. Now he has released his tethered jailbreak Yalu for iOS 10.1 and iOS 10.1.1 (Download Yalu here). Since the jailbreak is tethered and unstable, many tweaks won’t run on your device.

cydia installer

Thanks to Luca Todesco’s jailbreak, iPhone and iPad owners have full control over their devices. You can install third party apps, tweaks to your iOS 10 operating system. Todesco has warned of limited compatibility and recommended to wait for the final version of the tool.

So if you decide to jailbreak, it is strongly recommended that you make a backup copy first.

In this guide, we tell you which tweaks are working on this semi-untethered Jailbreak for iOS 10.1 and iOS 10.1.1.

CYDIA tweaks compatible with iOS 10/10.1.1/10

Cydia Substrate Yes
Cydia Installer ( Yes
OpenSSH (chancre password here) Yes
3D Touch to Clear Notifications Yes
Action Menu Yes
Activator Yes
Active Link Yes
AdaptativeKeyboard Yes
AdvancedSettings8 Yes
AppSync Unified Yes
Alkaline Yes
AlwaysFirstSwipe Yes
Anchor Mixed Results
App Admin Yes
Appinfo Yes
Apps Manager Yes
Appster Yes
AquaBoard (iOS 9/8) Yes
Assistant+ Yes
AutoBrightness Yes
BarMagnet Yes
Barrel Yes
Bars Yes
BatteryLife Yes
BatteryPeek Yes
BDaySpotify 2 Yes
Bloard Yes
BlurryBadges Yes
BlurryLaunch Yes
BounceNotify8 Yes
CacheClearer Yes
CallConnect Yes
Cask Yes
CCLowPower Yes
CellularUsageOrder Yes
Change 4G to LTE Yes
Circa Yes
Circlelcons Yes
ClassicDock Yes
CleanSheets 2 Yes
ColorBadges Yes
Cream 2 Yes
Creamless Yes
Cuttlefish Yes
CycleBluetooth Yes
CyDelete8 Yes
Cylinder Yes
Date in Statusbar Yes
DeleteForever Yes
DetailedBatteryUsage Yes
Dim Yes
DisableVoiceControl 8 Yes
Disclose Yes
Disk Pie Yes
Docker Yes
DockShift Yes
DoubleCut Yes
DylibSearch Yes
Emoji 10 Yes
EmojiAttributes Yes
Evanesco Yes
exKey Yes
f.lux Yes
Filza File Manager Yes
FlipControlCenter Yes
ForcelnPicture Yes
FrontCamUnMirror Yes
Ghosty Yes
GIFViewer Yes
GlowBadge Yes
GlowDock Yes
HapticFeedBack Yes
HideLabels10 Yes
HideSettingsSearch Yes
iCleaner Pro Yes
Icon Renamer Yes
IconSupport Yes
iFile Yes
ImageBoard Yes
iOS Terminal Yes
iTransmission 4 Yes
Keyboard Accio Yes
KeyShortCut Pro Yes
libstatusbar Yes
Lithium Ion Yes
LocationFaker9 Yes
LockHTML4 Yes
Memento Yes
Mikoto Yes
Minimal HUD Yes
MinimalisticUl Yes
Molar Yes
Moveable9 Yes
MTerminal Yes
MuItiAction Yes
NetworkList Yes
NoBlur Yes
NoCarrier Yes
NoKeyPop Yes
NoLiveClock Yes
NoMotion Yes
NoPageDots7 Yes
NoSlowAnimations Yes
Notate Yes
NoTodayView (iOS 10) Yes
NoTrackpadDelay Yes
NoVoiceMail Yes
NoVolumeHUD Yes
NtSpeed Yes
PalBreak Yes
PhotoSize Yes
PM, really? Yes
PowerDown Yes
PreferenceOrganizer 2 Yes
QuickDo Yes
QuickShuffleRepeat Yes
redeb Yes
RePower Yes
ResetAllKiller Yes
RocketBootstrap Yes
RoundDock Yes
RouterFaker Yes
Safari Full URL Yes
SafariFullScreenScrolling Yes
Sentinel Yes
Shy Page Dots Yes
SimulateTouch Yes
Skrollerz Yes
Sleek’n’Bouncy Yes
SmoothCursor Yes
SmoothPop Yes
Snoverlay Yes
Splitify Yes
Springy Yes
StatusModifier Yes
StatusvoIX Yes
Substrate Fix Yes
SwipeExpander Yes
SwipeSelection Yes
SwipeSelection Pro Yes
SwitcherTweak Pro Yes
Tage Yes
TapTapFlip Yes
TetherMe for iOS 9 & 8 Yes
TinyPlayer Pro Yes
Touchr Yes
TranslucentCydia Yes
TransparentDock Yes
Tweak Count 2 Yes
UnBold Yes
Unicode Faces Yes
Upscale Yes
Wallmart Yes
wGet Yes
WGradRemover Yes
WhiteTerminal Yes
Whoozit Yes
Whoozit Pro Yes
WiCarrier Yes
WiFi – The Strongest Link Yes
WiFi Booster Yes
WiJoin Yes
WinterBoard Yes
xCon Yes
XPasscode Yes
ZW1T Yes
3DAppLock Partial
Ah! Ah! Ahl Partial
Always Forward WatchOS Partial
Alympus Partial
Anemone Partial
AntRec – HD screen recorder Partial
AppDrawer Partial
Apple File Conduit “2” Partial
BadgeClearer Partial
BeGreen Partial
Blur Remover Partial
BT Mouse&Trackpad Partial
BytaFont (Swap Mode) Partial
BytaFont (Tweak Mode) Partial
CarPlay iOS Partial
Chroma Partial
ColorFlow 2 Partial
controllers For All Partial
DataMeter Partial
EqualizerEverywhere Partial
Fingal Partial
FivelconDock Partial
Flame Yes
Flex 3 Yes
HUD Customizer Partial
KuaiDial (iOS 7/8/9) Partial
SimplePasscocieButtons Partial
3DNoLag Partial
AppList Mixed Results
CCColor Mixed Results
CrashReporter Mixed Results
DismissProgress Mixed Results
Eclipse 4 Mixed Results
InfoStats Mixed Results
iWidgets Mixed Results
libcolorpicker Mixed Results
NudeKeys Partial
ReveaINC Partial
snapper2 Yes
Sonus Mixed Results
VolumeBanner Mixed Results
Zeppelin Partial
1 Pal Safe Mode
Andrios Safe Mode
Appendix Safe Mode
Ariki Safe Mode
AutoMuter Safe Mode
AutoPass Safe Mode
Auxo 3 Safe Mode
BioProtect Yes
carrot Safe Mode
ClassicFolders Safe Mode
CustomNotificationSound Safe Mode
Forcy Safe Mode
Harbor Yes
HotDog Safe Mode
iBlank Safe Mode
LockInfo8 Safe Mode
Messages Customizer Safe Mode
Protean Safe Mode
RespringProgress Safe Mode
TinyBar Yes
Vertex Safe Mode
VideoPane Safe Mode
Protect My Privacy Reboot Loop

The complete list of compatible Cydia tweaks is also available here.

So many tweaks are running on this jailbreak. Users will be happy to know that Winterboard is also on the list! Before you go ahead and jailbreak your iOS device, make sure your favorite tweaks are present in the list above.

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