Fortnite’s iOS DRM system revealed

With no end in sight to its brutal DRM mechanism, Fortnite continues to elude jailbreak users. Thankfully, one shrewd jailbreaker reverse-engineered Fortnite’s DRM system and made it public.

How Fortnite’s DRM system works

Just like any other run-of-the-mill DRM system, Fortnite’s DRM system, too, relies on detection of jailbreak tweaks.

When the game crashes, it saves the crash data in the “Crashlytics” folder. This information reveals that the developers are aware of almost all jailbreak library and dylib files.

You can access the “clsrecord” file from this location – http:///Library/Caches/

It currently detects the following tweaks and files –

  • libstdc++
  • TweakInject
  • Substrate
  • Substitute
  • Flex
  • Zeppelin

Pretty much all jailbreak files present in your device’s filesystem are detectable. Therefore, you can run this game on your device simply by removing all the aforementioned files.

However, there’s absolutely no way to do that right now with existing utilities.

Even jailbreak uninstallers such as Delectra or Killy’s Golden tool fail to erase all jailbreak files from your filesystem.       

How can you bypass the DRM?

Unfortunately, no patch or tweak available on Cydia can bypass this DRM system.

Jailbreak developer Coolstar possesses a working bypass but hasn’t decided to make it public yet for some reason.


With that being said, you can try a few methods laid out in this tutorial. Again, none of these methods are guaranteed to work on your device due to the nature of the DRM.

As for me, I have already stopped playing the game and will remove it soon from my iPhone.

There’s no point in supporting a game that blocks legitimate users from playing the vanilla version of the game.

If you wish to play this game, I suggest installing it on your computer until a proper patch gets released.

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