eggNotch – Hide your notch the right way

Another day, another tweak. eggNotch lets you hide the notch the right way! Here’s how you can install it on your iPhone or iPad.             

How eggNotch works

The notch – some people love it, some just don’t get the appeal. And Apple, being Apple, does not allow users to get rid of the notch with the tap of a button. That’s where eggNotch comes in.

eggNotch seamlessly hides the notch and offers several customization options on top of it. It is developed by tweak developer CKRocks, who is a newcomer on the scene.        

It creates an overlay underneath the status bar to mask the notch. From our experience, this tweak blends in perfectly with the stock status bar, and the user can no longer notice that the notch is still there.   

Here’s how this tweak looks like in action.


This tweak comes with a fairly simple preferences section. It’s easy to use and lacks complex settings and options. You can modify the following settings herein:

  • Notch Color (black) – Selects the color of the notch.
  • Status Bar Text Color (white) – Selects the color of the text present in the status bar.Always Show (Glitchy) (on) – Always hides the notch. According to the developer, this feature can be a bit glitchy at times. However, we would still recommend keeping it enabled for a consistent “notchless” experience.            

Download eggNotch Cydia Tweak

Despite its numerous upsides, this jailbreak tweak has a few drawbacks as well. For instance, it is not compatible with PerfectTimeXS.

If you activate both of these tweaks together, the clock section of the status bar changes its color to match the background color.

Another glitch appears when you try the edit the home screen and rearrange the icons.

Since the notch is replaced by an overlay as wide as the status bar, the “close” button appears underneath the status bar. But this is not much of an issue if you know where it is located.              

It does conflict with some other tweaks and native features but I can definitely recommend to anyone looking to get rid of the notch.

eggNotch is available for download on the BigBoss Cydia repository. It is compatible with iOS 13 as well as iOS 11/12 (untested).         

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