AppLocker Tweak Adds Rock-Solid Security to iOS 10 [DOWNLOAD]

Another day, another tweak. Today I’ve got my hands on AppLocker Cydia tweak. Let’s find out more about this amazing tweak.

How AppLocker Cydia Tweak Works

Are you worried about someone sneaking up on you applications and data? If yes, then AppLocker is the tweak you need.

AppLocker is a Cydia tweak that allows you to protect any application with a password. A lot of users may remember this tweak from the p0sixpwn days.

It also works with Touch ID. It’s based on the same principle as that of BioProtect tweak. Remember, you can not use a password lock and Touch ID simultaneously.

This tweak also protects your folders. Here’s the tweak in action.

AppLocker Cydia tweak

Posted by Yalu Jailbreak on Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Download AppLocker Cydia Tweak

It secures your applications by asking the users to authenticate every time they open a specific app. Once installed, it provides you with a comprehensive Settings section.

If you are into iOS setups and customization, BioProtect is a better alternative. However, if you prefer utility over aesthetics, go for AppLocker.

AppLocker available for download on ModMyi Cydia repo/source for $0.99. It is compatible with iOS 6,7,8,9 and 10.

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