Apple Music hits 50 million subscribers, video streaming coming soon

Tim Cook has just confirmed the total subscriber count of Apple’s Music streaming service. Here’s all you need to know about it.

Apple Music now has 50 million users

According to Tim Cook, Apple Music now has 50 million paid subscribers. This number includes both paid subscribers and users who are currently taking the streaming service for a test drive.

Even though the CEO didn’t reveal the actual paid subscriber count, it’s safe to assume a lot of Apple Music users are a part of the paid user base.

The reason behind this is that Apple doesn’t offer a forever-free plan, unlike Spotify.

Apple Music

Users can only avail a trial period that lasts for three months after which they must switch to a paid plan or else their subscription gets canceled.

Apple Music is on track to overtaking Spotify in regards to its American subscriber count.

Taking into account its meteoric rise, Apple Music will be able to equal or even surpass Spotify’s humongous subscriber base by the end of this year.

When will Apple launch its video streaming platform?

There has been a lot of speculation regarding Apple’s video streaming service like Netflix and for all the right reasons.

Apple has been wanting to tap into the Apple TV, which has been severely underutilized by the company thus far.

Apple streaming service

Here’s what Tim Cook had to say about their upcoming video platform.

We are very interested in the content business. We are not ready to give details about that yet. But it is clearly an area of ​​interest.

If Apple’s recent high-profile hires are any indication, the video streaming service is a major priority. You can read more about Apple’s Netflix alternative here.

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