Spotify Hits 60 Million Paid Subscribers, Beats Apple Music

Spotify’s paid subscribers count has touched a whopping 60 million! They are now preparing to go public after their massive success. Back in March, the number of paid subscribers was 50 million.

Spotify Hits 60 Million Paid Subscribers

According to Spotify, the number of people who regularly use Spotify is around 140 million.

The premium members subscribers amount to about 42% of their user base and this is where Spotify makes money. The online music streaming service has added 10 million paid users in just 4 months!


This number is expected to rise further now that they are public.

Spotify offers both free and paid plans. The free plan displays advertising and restricts access to features.

Will Apple Music be able to beat Spotify?

Undoubtedly, Apple Music is growing and its user base is constantly expanding. However, it’s still playing catch-up with Spotify.

If we take a look at current statistics, Apple Music is nowhere near Spotify in terms of subscribers. It added 20 million paid subscribers in just one year whereas Apple needed 2 years to get to 27 million paid users.


The main reason behind this is that Apple doesn’t offer a free plan for users. It offers a free trial period of three months after which you will need to shell out $9.99 per month.

Nevertheless, Apple Music is still growing. It keeps bringing new subscribers into its fold by providing access to exclusive content and exploiting its iPhone user base.

You can get the app from the App Store below.

‎Spotify - Music and Podcasts
‎Spotify - Music and Podcasts
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