Everything you need to know about Apple’s streaming service

After a lot of delays, it now seems Apple is finally gearing up to roll out its streaming service. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Apple to launch a subscription-based streaming service

As you already know, Apple already sells movies and other video content through iTunes.

In 2018, however, they are all set to jump on the insanely profitable streaming service bandwagon.

The upcoming service will follow the Netflix model. They obviously can’t just sit around while Netflix rakes in all the profits.

Apple streaming service

Quite a few rumors about Apple’s upcoming service have been doing the rounds lately.

According to many popular actors and celebrities, Apple has already kicked off the content production for its upcoming service.

FAQ about Apple’s upcoming streaming service

Q1. Which shows and movies will be a part of this platform?

A. Apple is pumping over a billion dollars towards in-house content production in 2018. As of now, Apple has picked up the following shows and series.

  • Morning Show starring Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston.
  • Little America by The Big Sick’s Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon.
  • Swagger drama series based on American basketball start, Kevin Durant.
  • Vital Signs series based loosely on hotshot rapper Dr. Dre.

There are other shows and series as well but they are currently under development or have been abandoned altogether.

Q2. How will this service deliver video content?

All signs point to a standalone online platform that users will use to purchase subscription and access content.

If Apple decides to take this route, they will likely deploy a Netflix-style app on the iPhone, Mac, and Apple TV.

apple tv

This is not the only plausible option that is available to them. They could also try to release a subscription service tied to iTunes.

Apart from that, they could also expand Apple Music to accommodate their latest outing. This option is not as plausible as the ones above, though.

Q3. What will this service be called?

A. Apple, of course, is closely guarding any information pertaining to its upcoming media platform. We can only guess as to what they will name it.

Apple Music and Apple TV are taken so I think they will go with Apple Video or Apple Stream. Again, this is purely speculative and we are yet to receive an official confirmation.

Q4. How much will the subscription cost?

A. Just like everything else by Apple, this service too will be more expensive than its competitors. According to rumors, the pricing will start at $89 per month and above.

They won’t slap a price tag on it right off the bat and users will get a good few months to take it for a test drive.

Q5. When will Apple officially release its streaming service?

A. Apple is focusing on a quick roll out and will leave no stone unturned to expedite the release. However, it will still take them almost a year to launch it.

According to analysts, they will release it sometime during fall 2018 with limited content. The initial rollout will purportedly remain limited to tier 1 countries like America, Canada, and Germany.

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