Ryan Petrich Updates Activator, Flipswitch and FlipControlCenter for iOS 10

With Yalu jailbreak for iOS 10.1.1 out of the woods, developers can update their tweaks freely. Cydia tweaks must be updated to support the new iOS 10 firmware. This is exactly what developers are doing for popular tweaks.

Developer of the most popular jailbreak tweaks in the scene, Ryan Petrich, has launched beta version of Activator, Flipswitch and FlipControlCenter compatible with iOS 10. Activator is a necessary tweak to the operation of many other tweaks.

For those of you who don’t use it, Activator allows you to associate a gesture with an action. Most tweaks use it!

Getting Ready for a stable iOS 10 jailbreak

Everything is getting ready for the release of the final version of Yalu jailbreak. Hopefully, it will offer a relatively stable experience on iOS 10.1.1 and offer compatibility with iOS 10.2 according to Saurik.


At least for 64-bit devices other than the iPhone 7.

Betas are available for Activator, Flipswitch and FlipControlCenter tweaks to support iOS 10.1.

iOS 10 Compatibility is still limited

In the release notes, Ryan Petrich says that support for iOS 10 for Activator is limited at the moment. Some features are supposed to work correctly, where others have been deliberately disabled the time of the beta. On the FlipSwitch side, the developer offers an API to other developers to better customize the control center with their own tweaks.

activator ryan petrich

For those who do not know, FlipControlCenter is an interesting tweak that allows users to customize their control center. You can add new switches for power saving mode, location services, cellular data and much more. It also allows you to customize the shortcuts at the bottom of the control center.

A date for the stable version of Activator, Flipswitch and FlipControlCenter for iOS 10 has not been given yet. It should be remembered that iOS 10.1.1 jailbreak is also in beta to this day. Only advanced users are invited to do so at this time. The others are recommended to wait to avoid errors.

Warning – We again remind you to wait for the final release of Yalu. We formally advise against trying to tweak anything in beta. Activator can send your device directly into safe mode and has resulted in an infinite “bootloop”. Restart for beta testers who have been forced to restore to iOS 10.2. The beta versions are available on developer’s private repo via Cydia.

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