iOS 12.1 brings 70 new emojis to iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad users who are on iOS 12 will soon receive 70 new emojis. Here’s a quick preview of the emojis that will be released with iOS 12.1.

New emoji pack found in iOS 12.1 Developer Beta 2

The new emoji pack is already available for users who are on iOS 12.1 Developer Beta 2 that was released a few hours ago. The non-developer users will have to wait because the new emojis will only become available later this month.

The highly-anticipated redheads are finally included in this update, just like the bald man emoji.

Besides redheads, there are animals like such as a parrot, peacock, kangaroo a swan and a flying ant in this emoji pack.

There are also new emoji for food, such as a mango, a cupcake, pudding, and a lettuce. If you are into smileys, the party emoji, the ice-cold emoji or the hearts emoji will now become a part of the stock smiley pack.

macOS and watchOS support coming soon

The emojis in iOS 12.1 are more inclusive than ever before. People communicate more and more through images instead of text, and that’s why Apple thinks it’s important that everyone can express themselves with the right emoji.

Apple, however, does not design these emojis itself, it simply incorporates the emoji list by Unicode Consortium. For those who are unfamiliar, this organization collects suggestions and creates a new list every year with new designs and concepts.

All in all, there are more than 70 new emojis available from today in the latest iOS 12.1 Beta update.

Apple has already announced that these emojis will make their way to macOS and watchOS, presumably in macOS Mojave 10.14.1 and watchOS 5.1 respectively.

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