Twitter Troll reports App Installers to Apple and gets their Certificates Revoked!

As you might have noticed, unofficial app installers such as AppValley and TutuApp have stopped working altogether in the last few days. Here’s why this is happening.

Twitter troll beefs with App Installers 

A Twitter user who goes by the name “RIP iOS SIGNING” is reporting these unofficial App Stores to Apple. He also operates another account called “Rip Signing” on Twitter.

Here’s what this user reported to Apple.

Upon careful examination, it seems like the disgruntled troll is the developer of iProRec recording utility and iGain++. Apparently, AppValley didn’t add his apps to their installer and he got infuriated by this.

He then made their details public and even called the cops on them!

The troll also posted a Twitter poll discussing which installer he should take down next. Here are its results.

According to these results, it seems like Cyrus Installer will face the brunt of our anti-piracy crusader.

How does this hurt the community?

As you already know, some of these installers also provide cracked App Store apps apart from useful Cydia tweaks. As soon as someone reports them to Apple, they immediately revoke their developer certificates.

What this does is it effectively takes down their service and they have to arrange for another paid developer certificate.

apple cracked store

These app signing services are a great alternative for anyone who wants to enjoy a jailbreak without actually jailbreaking.

A lot of users use them because their current firmware version is incompatible with jailbreak tools. While this doesn’t hurt the jailbreak community, a lot of users who sideload apps end up getting their apps revoked.

My take on the AppValley fiasco

I have never really understood what goes in the minds of these kids on the Internet. Reporting his Twitter account won’t do anything as he can still report these apps to Apple.

The final decision obviously lies with the managers of app signing services and they need not add every app.

appvalley vip

I don’t want to release the kid’s to the public for obvious reasons. Simply put, he should really get a life and look for another app installer who will happily add his apps.

The managers of AppValley are still working on getting up back online. You should keep checking out this page for more updates.

What do you think about the AppValley fiasco? Let us know in the comments section below.

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