AppTapp unveils Installer 5 jailbreak package manager

AppTapp Development Team has finally unveiled Installer 5, its in-house package manager. Read more about this new Cydia alternative below.

Installer 5 is about to go live

Sam Guichelaar, the lead developer of AppTapp, unveiled Installer 5 to the jailbreak community just a few hours ago. The developer detailed the various features and how this new Cydia alternative works.

Installer 5 is a full-blown Cydia replacement and improves a lot of upon it. It brings a lot of innovative new features to the table, for example –

  • Flat, modern user-interface
  • Custom repository management
  • Credit-based payment system
  • PayPal support
  • Targeted process killing
  • iOS 8-11.1.2 firmware support
  • Review system
  • Anonymous data collection
  • and much more

Here’s what it looks like in action.

Installer 5

For those who don’t know, this manager was under development since eight years.

After years of hard work, AppTapp finally managed to pull through and present a viable Cydia competitor.

Video demonstration

Here’s a video demonstration of package installation and deletion.

Here’s another video that compares the package installation speed relative to Cydia.

Developer Beta to go live soon

Make no mistake, this new Cydia alternative is still in beta development stage and not released yet. It will take some time (a few weeks) to reach the average user.

If you signed up for the beta program, you might receive your beta copy sometime during this week. Receiving a developer beta is contingent upon the approval of your application.

Judging by the user response, this package manager really seems to have sparked a new life into the jailbreak community.

Too little too late or too good to turn down? Leave your comments below.

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