Snapchat will soon start testing unskippable ads

Just when you think things couldn’t get worse, Snapchat does this! The social networking giant plans to test unskippable advertisements for its app.

Snapchat ramps up its ad game

Snapchat is following in YouTube’s footsteps to ramp up its ad game. Developers will soon begin testing YouTube-like unskippable advertisements beginning next month.

These advertisements will be a few seconds long and users won’t be able to skip them, unlike YouTube.

This development definitely comes as a surprise because Snapchat already uses advertisements to generate good revenue.


However, 69 percent of users tend to skip these ads, which directly results in lost revenue. 

With the introduction of unskippable ads, the social network plans to accustom users to a whole new form of advertising.

This will allow it to generate even more revenue while keeping the app free for all users.

When will this update reach the users?

Generally, social networks test a new feature for around one to two months before rolling it out.

Initially, only a few users receive the upcoming update with this “feature”. Therefore, you can expect unskippable adverts by June or July.

Needless to say, the upcoming update will cause a furore. Snapchat’s latest layout update culminated in its user base and stock taking a dive.

A new update with obtrusive ads will only drive more users to Instagram and other social apps.

It is also doubtful that we will ever get a bypass for these adverts due to Snapchat’s latest DRM system.

Is the addition of unskippable ads a good decision on Snapchat’s part? Reply below.

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