Apple blocks Wehe, an app that detects Net Neutrality violations

Despite Apple’s vehement support for Net Neutrality, they recently banned Wehe from their App Store. Here’s what you can do about it.

Wehe blocked from the App Store

Wehe is an iOS application that detects the internet throttling techniques used by a service provider and blocks them.

It is developed by David Chofnes, who is a professor at Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts.

This application effectively allows your device to the original un-throttled speed. According to Apple, this app “has no direct benefits to the user”.

Here’s a screenshot of this application.Wehe

As you can see, it detects the “Differentiation” associated with each app on your device.

For the uninitiated, Differentiation is the act of providing different speeds to different apps.

According to a student that’s working on this app, that app is again back in review. This indicates Apple is certainly taking heed of all the backlash it is receiving right now.

How Wehe app works

  • Wehe emulates an app like Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, etc to detect differentiation.
  • It then records the app’s data and relays it to sends data to your ISP’s server. This gives Wehe the throttled speed values.
  • Subsequently, it sends the same data again but replaces it with random strings to fool the ISP server.
  • ISP’s server is configured to detect the original files and can’t detect the random payload.
  • This allows the app to detect the app and non-app throughput and display its results.

weheHow can you stop ISP throttling?

Unfortunately, there’s absolutely no way to stop internet throttling thus far.

With that said, there are certain paid and free methods that allow you to bypass the limitations imposed by your ISP.

Once such method is using a powerful VPN app. If you notice your ISP is throttling your data, you should immediately install a decent VPN app.

A VPN doesn’t “hit” anywhere on your ISP’s server and, hence, gives you unfettered access to all online content.

Wehe app is available only on Android right now. If I find an IPA link for iOS, I will upload it online as soon as possible.

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