A new S8 Edge Notification Concept for iOS has everyone Drooling!

A new S8 Edge notification concept for iOS has everyone drooling. Here’s how it looks like and how you can get it on your iPhone.

S8 Edge Notification Concept for iOS

S8 Edge features a slick notification system that is truly one-of-a-kind. Whenever a notification arrives, the corners of the screen starts glowing whereas the entire middle portion remains blank.

Here’s the original demonstration of this feature.

iOS has its own robust notification system but it pales in comparison to the one present in S8 Edge. Here’s how this feature looks like in action on an iPhone.

S8 Edge Notification Concept for iOS

Posted by Yalu Jailbreak on Sunday, August 13, 2017

Jailbreakers have been requesting developers to realize this concept and port it to iOS. However, it seems no developer is interested in it.

Even the developers, who were interested initially in this project, brushed it aside due to technical complexities of iPhone’s LCD display.

Is an iOS port possible?

It seems like this feature can only be ported to devices having an OLED display. Since Samsung S8 Edge has the best-in-class display, it looks even better.

s8 edge

This is primarily because pixels can be activated individually in an OLED screen. This luxury is not available on the iPhone that has an LCD screen.

In an LCD screen, you can only shut the entire screen on or off along with the backlight. This means even if we get a working port, it will drain our batteries a lot faster.

Despite all odds, a new developer is working on a new Cydia tweak called 3Edgy5Me. This tweak will port this concept to the iOS operating system.

Here’s a preview of this new Cydia tweak –

It doesn’t look as good as the original for obvious reasons but it will be totally free to use. And who knows it might even look good when you actually install it on your iPhone.

This developer will release this tweak for the public in just a week! I will also request the developer to add support for older firmware versions such as iOS 9 and 8.

I would certainly pay a premium for this tweak provided it also adds extra customizations. What do you think about this tweak? Let us know in the comments section below.

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