How to remove AppValley Developer Profile from Settings

AppValley’s latest update adds a non-removable developer profile to your iPhone. Here’s how you can remove it using 1Gamer’s dummy developer profile.      

AppValley introduces a new installation method 

Generally, you can remove any installed developer profile from the Profiles & Device Management section in the Settings app. However, that isn’t the case with AppValley.

To install its webclip on your iPhone, you must install a “permanent” developer profile that you can’t remove from Settings. As shown below, the “Remove Profile” button seems to be missing on its profile page.        

When you tap the “More Details” button, the Removable status of this profile is also set as “No”. 

Why you should remove AppValley right now

Recently, many users have expressed concerns regarding this installation method adopted by the installer.

Some of our readers even had bogus charges on their debit cards after installing apps from AppValley. As for me, I’ve never once had anything bad happen to me. However, I now have second thoughts about it and no longer use any of these installers. 

Here’s a YouTube video by Kev G that’s definitely worth checking out if you are in a similar situation. 

If you are too busy to watch the video, Kev expounds on how installing AppValley and TweakBox can lead to a full device compromise.

Being a heavy YouTube user, he wasn’t too keen on shelling out fifteen dollars per month on the paid version of YouTube – YouTube Premium. Subsequently, Kev installed AppValley to get free access to the app.

After using it for a while, his iPhone automatically calling some unknown Chinese numbers, purportedly for transferring sensitive information like bank account details and passwords.   

Thankfully, 1GamerDev promptly developed a new profile that will let you wipe the malicious profile in an instant. This method doesn’t require you to wipe your data or reset your device.

Uninstalling AppValley Developer Profile from Settings           

Step 1 Open Safari web browser and visit this URL.

Step 2 Open the profile and install it on your device. This profile is nothing but a dummy profile that overwrites the original non-removable profile.

Step 3 Tap Remove Profile to uninstall it.     

That’s all there’s to it! Your device should now be safe from any kind of intrusion into your personal information.   


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