Pioneer Introduces Rayz Lightning Headphones

Pioneer just introduced two new Lightning wired headphones – Rayz and Rayz Plus. Rayz series by Pioneer offers innovative features in mid-high price range. Let’s find out more about these upcoming earphones.

With its “Lightning Smart” tagline, Pioneer is looking to market Rayz as the perfect companion to Apple’s iPhone.

The small in-ear headphones are connected to the iPhone via Lightning connector and offer active noise reduction. In the Plus version, the earphones can also be used while charging.

Features and Specs

The manufacturer especially highlights the low power consumption. The earphones are therefore more economical than any other available Lightning earphones on the market.

Pioneer also has an integrated feature similar to the Apple AirPods. As soon as the earphones are taken out of the ear, playback stops automatically and continues when the earphones are reinserted. This is made possible with the help of different sensors.

pioneer rayz headphones

If you notice its design, you will see that it has several buttons. These buttons are customizable and can be configured to launch Siri or any other app.

It also offers advanced settings through its iPhone app that can used to manage its functions.Thanks to its internal digital-to-analog converter, Pioneer promises a maximum sound quality of 24 bits and 48 kHz.

Pioneer Rayz – Price and Availability

The Rayz Plus are available in bronze or gray colors at a price of $149. Rayz are offered in black or white at the price of $99.

The only difference between the Plus version and the classic version, apart from the colors and price, is the presence of a female Lightning plug on the Plus version.

These features are rarely seen on headphones on headphones below $200. So at this price it’s an absolute steal. I will make sure to write a review as soon as I get my hands on them.

Pioneer is really upping the ante with this and will surely make a dent in the market. What do you think about these new earphones? Let us know in the comments section below.

The Rayz and Rayz Plus will be released soon for the public according to Pioneer.

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