Nimbus – Control your iPhone, iPad and iPod via SSH/Terminal

Another day, another tweak. Today a new tweak has been released that deals with SSH. Here’s how it works.

How Nimbus Works

Nimbus Cydia tweak allows you to control your jailbroken iOS device via SSH. It is developed by tweak developer Artikus, who is a newcomer on the jailbreak scene.


Nimbus is a very light weight tool at just 3 KB but it’s very powerful. It works with both on-device terminal emulators (MTerminal) and from SSH. Nimbus requires Activator Cydia tweak to run properly.

Here’s the complete list of commands and their associated actions you can perform with this tweak –

  • powerbutton – Simulate Power button press.
  • home – Simulate home button press.
  • open – Open an application with a specific bundle ID.
  • settings preference panel name – Open a specific preference panel in the Settings section.
  • cc – Launch Control Center.
  • screenshot – Take a screenshot.
  • increase/decrease-brightness/volume – Increase or decrease volume or brightness.
  • switcher – Launch App Switcher.
  • nc – Open Notification Center.
  • answer/decline-call  Answer or decline a call.
  • first-homepage – Open the first Springboard page.
  • power-menu – Open the Power menu.
  • siri – Open Siri.
  • clear-swither – Clear all applications from the App Switcher.
  • spotlight – Open Spotlight.
  • safe-mode – Launch Springboard in safe mode.
  • powerdown – Turn off your device.

Here’s how to use this Cydia tweak from MTerminal.

How to Download and Use Nimbus Tweak

Step 1 Install Activator Cydia tweak on your device.

Step 2 Download the Nimbus file from here –

Step 3 Use Filza file manager to place it in this directory – /usr/bin.

Step 4 Open MTerminal. You can download it from BigBoss Cydia repository if you haven’t already.

Step 5 Enter the following commands one by one exactly as given below.  

chmod 777 /usr/bin/nimbus
nimbus help

Step 6 You will now get a list of actions that can be performed with Nimbus.


Step 7 You can type in any of these commands to perform that specific action.

You can repeat the same procedure when you SSH into your device.

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