My Music + – Customize iOS 10 Apple Music App UI

Another day, another tweak. This new tweak deals with the Music app and its user interface. Here’s how it works.

How My Music + Works

There’s no dearth of Cydia tweaks that allow users to modify Control Center. However, the same can’t be said about the Music app because the range of such tweaks is quite limited.

Thanks to tweak developer TheComputerWhisperer, things are about to change with his new tweak.

My Music + Cydia tweak allows you to customize user interface elements of iOS 10 Apple Music app. Here’s a before and after comparison of how the UI changes once you install this tweak.


Here’s a list of all actions you can perform with My Music +.

  • Disable Radio/Apple Music/iCloud Library/Up Next Que
  • Hide Separators
  • Hide Grabber
  • Enable Full-Screen Mode
  • Enable Rotation
  • Custom Tint color
  • Custom font colors
  • 3 button tab bar
  • Improved colors
  • Hide tab bar button titles
  • 3 Button Customizable Tab Bar
  • Custom Font Colors
  • Hide Tab Bar Button Titles
  • Improved Yellow/Green Colors
  • Disable Connect

Here’s how the library looks like once you make changes with this tweak.

mymusic+ tweakUse the Disable iCloud Library option if and only if you don’t have access to Apple Music membership. For Apple Music members, this option will disable automatic syncing on all of your iOS devices.

This tweak doesn’t make any changes to UI by default. You must navigate to its Settings section to enable each option manually.

Once you have made the desired changes, select the PRESS To Restart Apple Music option. Doing so will restart the app with the new user interface.

mymusic+ tweak

Download My Music + Tweak

My Music + is a solid free tweak for audiophiles. It also offers compatibility with other music tweaks such as ColorFlow 3. Highly recommended.

This tweak is in Beta development stage and hence, is available on the developer’s repo. Once it comes out of beta, it will be released on BigBoss Cydia repo.

My Music + is available for download on for free. It is compatible with iOS 10.

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