CP Digital Darkroom Releases 10 Legacy Tweaks for Free!

Developers in the jailbreak community never fail to surprise us with their generosity. Here’s another occasion where remind us that sharing is caring.

CP Digital Darkroom Gives Away Legacy Cydia Tweaks 

Eminent tweak developer CP Digital Darkroom aka Carlos Perez has released 10 of his older Cydia tweaks for free.


Here’s the complete list of tweaks that are now available for free –

  • Eucnide
  • NCApps
  • HideMe7
  • HideMe8
  • Kairos
  • IfFound
  • InCaseOf
  • Shortcuts
  • Blurslide
  • Bragi

All of these Cydia tweaks are compatible with iOS 7-9. Shortcuts tweak also works with iOS 10 along with older versions.

CPDD no longer to intends on maintaining and releasing future updates for these tweaks. If you experience crashes, be sure to shoot CP Digital Darkroom an email or a tweet.

Why is CP Digital Darkroom Releasing Tweaks for free? 

The main reason behind this generous giveaway is that Carlos no longer owns devices on older firmware versions. This makes it difficult for him to provide support of legacy firmware.

It would be great if Carlos could open source these packages. This will then allow other developers to maintain and update them for newer firmware versions.

If you are still on iOS 7, 8, or 9, this giveaway will give you enough reason to stay where you are. You can download these tweaks from the default BigBoss Cydia repo for free.

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