Facebook is testing unsend message feature in Messenger

Facebook is testing the “Undo Send” feature in Messenger for Android. With it, you can delete messages already sent within a time limit, just like in WhatsApp. This was announced in April when they discovered that Mark Zuckerberg deleted messages from the recipients’ inbox.

Messenger already has an unsend message button

Researcher Jane Manchun Wong analyzed the Messenger code for Android and found that the unsend feature already exists but is hidden from users. It allows you to delete a message from a conversation – that is, in your history and in the recipient’s inbox.

The source code indicates that there is a time limit for deleting each message, which has not yet been defined.

That is, you will probably have a few minutes to undo the sent message. Once the deadline is over, the deletion will no longer be possible.

WhatsApp gained the “Delete for Everyone” function a year ago.

It leaves a warning in the recipient’s history saying “🚫 This message has been deleted.” You can undo the upload in up to 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds (4,096 seconds).

Telegram also allows you to undo the sending from 2017.

Mark Zuckerberg can already delete sent messages

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s directors can already remove messages already sent in Messenger without any time limit.

The recipient can no longer see them after they have been deleted. The company said the idea behind this feature is “to protect our executives.”

This was revealed shortly after the Cambridge Analytica scandal and had negative repercussions.

So, Facebook promised it would release the undo feature “soon” for all users. Six months later, it has not yet been released.


The social network says in a statement that it is still planning to launch the message deletion feature and that “Facebook internally tests products and features before they ship to the public so we can ensure the quality of the experience”.

Facebook also promised a new streamlined look for Messenger, which is still in testing.

(Source – Techcrunch)

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