macOS Mojave Beta 4 adds new gradients to dynamic wallpaper

Apple recently seeded the fourth developer beta of macOS 10.14. Apart from bringing support for newer MacBooks, it also brings an improved dynamic wallpaper.

Dynamic wallpaper now has a new sky gradient 

Previously, the first three beta updates of macOS 10.14 relied on only a single background of the Mojave desert. Though the color of the sky changed with the time, it inherited the gradient of its parent image.

However, the latest update adds a second dynamic background image called “Solar Gradients”. Different color gradients replace the background depending on the time of day.

The HEIF file still contains 16 background images, each of which becomes active depending on the time and location.

Apple relies on the new HEIF image format that can store different variants of a picture per file.

Depending on the time and your location, it cycles through different images and applies them to your desktop background.

How can you enable the new dynamic wallpaper?

First and foremost, you will need to jump onto the latest beta update of macOS 10.14, that is, beta 4.

You can grab its OTA Profile without a paid developer account from this link.

Once you update your firmware, go to System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver and enable the stock dynamic wallpaper.

Just like every other Apple product, you are limited to the stock wallpapers and theme.

As of right now, there’s no tool or utility that allows you to create your own dynamic wallpaper. However, that could change in the future provided someone releases a special third-party patcher utility.

Did you notice any change in your wallpaper with the release of the latest macOS update?

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