Get all of LaughingQuoll’s Tweaks for Free by doing this!

As you already know, a lot of users struggle with the payment system in Cydia. Here’s a cool new alternative if you want to purchase tweaks without going through Cydia.

LaughingQuoll makes all his tweaks free

Lack of a Paypal account forces many a user to take the piracy route. There’s a reason why cracked Cydia repos are so popular.

Eminent tweak developer LaughingQuoll has come up with a novel way to solve the piracy problem. From now on, he will be giving away all his Cydia tweaks for free to anyone who donates to a charity.

Here’s what the developer tweeted.

For anyone who doubts his intentions, I suggest you give this a read.

This will have twin benefits – you will get access to your favorite Cydia tweaks while spreading some love around!

How to Avail of this Offer

According to him, you can avail of this offer by donating to any charity of your choice. Remember to do your own research and donate only to a legitimate charity.


Once you have done so, send LaughingQuoll the following details –

  • Proof of donation (e-mail, Paypal statement, receipt, t-shirts, etc)
  • Cydia ID
  • Required tweak

This is the greatest goodwill gesture by a developer of the jailbreak community. Hopefully, more developers will join the cause and start similar payment alternatives.

You can also consider donating to the developer so that he can continue with tweak development.

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