Antique Dev and LaughingQuoll will port iOS 11 Features to iOS 10

Two talented developers are busy working on bringing iOS 11 features to iOS 10. Here’s what you need to know about it.

“Eleven” Cydia Tweak Coming Soon

Antique Dev and LaughingQuoll are jointly developing a new Cydia tweak called Eleven. This tweak will port interesting new features from iOS 11 over to iOS 10.

ios 11 firmware

Here’s a tweet confirming this from LaughingQuoll’s Twitter handle.

They will actually port over every single feature of iOS 11. All of these features will be bundled into a single Cydia tweak.

It will be quite expensive so prepare yourself to pay a good few dollars for this tweak. However, the price will be justified if it’s a polished tweak and they release updates to fix bugs.

Which iOS 11 Features will be ported over to iOS 10?

Although not much is known about the tweak yet, here’s list of features that will surely be included.

Media Controls

If iOS 11 has got one thing right, it’s the new media controls. Undoubtedly, the new media controls look absolutely sick.

ios 11 media controls

Lock Screen

The new lock screen design will be a part of Eleven Cydia tweak.

ios 11 lock screen

Quick Type Keyboard Animation

The new quick type keyboard animation in iOS 11 looks slick. Having this feature on iOS 10 jailbreak would be really cool.

Here’s how it looks like.

No Control Center

Eleven Cydia tweak will not transform the Control Center. Modding the Control Center takes a lot of work and is not worth including. Moreover, the developers do not like the new modular design and want to stick to the old design.

ios 11 control center

Hopefully, the tweak will come with toggles in its Preferences section. If you don’t like a feature, you can simply turn it off.

Sit Tight!

This is a great development because iOS 11 doesn’t have a jailbreak at the moment. Thousands of jailbreakers running iOS 10 will be able to enjoy new features without losing their jailbreak.

It won’t be long until this tweak comes out on BigBoss Cydia repository. So sit tight and stay on iOS 10.

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