Apple secretly releases iTunes 12.6.3, brings back App Store app Downloads

Apple has secretly released a new update for iTunes that brings back a highly requested feature back. Here’s where you can download it for PC and Mac.

Apple secretly releases a new iTunes update

In a first, Apple has released an older version of iTunes, after releasing a newer version. The latest version at present is while this version is 12.6.3.

Therefore, this is actually a downgrade rather than an upgrade.


As far as compatibility goes, this build is compatible with all devices including the new ones such as iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

This is a bizarre move by Apple and I am not able to ascertain the exact reason behind this release yet.

Download iTunes 12.6.3

How to install iTunes 12.6.3 on Windows and Mac

  • Download the installer for your operating system using the links above.
  • Simply run the installer and install it over your current version.
  • Your version will now show up as 12.6.3, not 12.7. You will now need to upgrade iTunes manually using the installer of the latest version.
  • Remember, your existing iTunes library won’t become compatible after installing this update. You must have access to an old backup of your previous library or you can create a new Library from scratch.
  • To create a new library, press Shift (Windows) or Option (Mac) and then run iTunes.

This is a boon for those who download heavy apps for their devices.

Will you be downgrading or staying on v12.7? Let us know in the comments section below.

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