Dynastic Development team enters the jailbreak scene

A lot of old-guard developers are returning to tweak development in the wake of Electra jailbreak. Here’s yet another team of developers that have already become active on the scene.

AppleBetas and nullpixel form Dynastic Development team

Veteran developers AppleBetas and nullpixel have just created their own development team, Dynastic Development.

This newly created team intends to focus on jailbreak tweak development, Anemone themes, iOS apps, and web services.

Dynastic Development

The team consists of various members each of whom specializes in different areas of software development.

Here’s the full list of team members of Dynastic Development team.

What next?

Gear up for iOS 11 jailbreak

Currently, the team is busy updating tweaks for the upcoming iOS 11 jailbreak by Saurik.


Here is a list of Cydia tweaks (except Melody) by Dynastic Development that will soon receive an update.

  • SpecialFaces
  • Melody (open source)
  • TranslucentMessages
  • CleanNotifications10

The Dev Team will likely not update Melody due to the increasing costs this project demands. According to AppleBetas, the amount of work and funding this tweak requires outweighs its benefits.

Apple removed a lot of stuff this tweak requires in iOS 11. Therefore, they have abandoned this tweak for the time being.

But since the code is fully open source, other developers can work on it and release it for iOS 11.

Future development

Apart from that, the team also has a few other projects like Golden Rings (iOS game) and Quartzy (Anemone theme) on the back burner.


You can support them by becoming a patron on Patreon here. The money their Patreon page generates will go towards servers and other equipment.

What do you think about Dynastic Development?

Not many Dev Teams are active in the jailbreak scene anymore so it’s great to have them making a comeback.

Although they will not focus on jailbreak tools, anything the team decides to release will be a welcome addition to the community.

What do you think about this new Dev Team – will they make a mark on the scene or fizzle out quickly? Leave your comments below.

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