iPhone XS Max has the best smartphone screen ever, outsells iPhone XS

A recent research by DisplayMate shows that the iPhone XS Max has the best screen, and it is most popular. The first sales figures also became known for the new iPhones and Apple Watch.

iPhone XS Max screen is the best ever in a smartphone

Every year, DisplayMate conducts extensive research into the quality of smartphone screens. This shows that the XS Max has the ‘best smartphone display ever’. The XS Max beats the iPhone X by its higher brightness, more realistic colors and minimal reflection.

Because of this high brightness and low reflection, the XS Max sets a new standard in the field of contrast with a lot of ambient light. The brightness has increased from 634 nits to 660 nits as compared to iPhone X.

Partly because of this, the XS Max from DisplayMate deserves the highest score the company has ever given.

XS Max outsells XS

And there is more good news for the XS Max. According to the well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the device is clearly more popular than its smaller counterpart – the iPhone XS. “The demand for the XS Max is better than expected,” says Kuo.

The device sells three to four times more than the iPhone XS.

According to Kuo’s figures, the 256GB model is the most popular, although this also has to do with shortages of the 512GB model. This would be because Samsung is the only manufacturer of this.

What’s also striking is the fact that gold and space grey models are more popular than the silver one.

iPhone XS Max

The Apple Watch Series 4 also performs better than expected, according to the analyst. Apple currently cannot manufacture new models faster as only Quanta is responsible for the production right now.

However, that will change in November when Compal will also start manufacturing Apple Watches.

Finally, the analyst is optimistic about October when Apple will release the cheaper iPhone XR, a device that a lot of people are waiting for.

(Source – DisplayMate)

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