iPhone XS and XS Max Unboxing video

Although the first shipments of the new iPhone are yet to reach buyers, well-known YouTuber Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) has already got his hands on Apple’s new smartphone. Check out the full unboxing video below.

First Unboxing video by MKBHD

Brownlee’s unboxing video confirms several interesting aspects. Firstly, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have a brilliant form factor and an impressive look and feel.

Secondly, its spectacular OLED screen has a stunning resolution, and the polished glass back is a treat.

Thirdly, the overall aesthetic of these smartphones is similar and borrows a lot from its predecessor – iPhone X – that was released a year ago.

There’s absolutely no difference between the devices except for their size and a tiny detail – the image on the packaging of the two Apple phones is slightly different.

If you look closely, you can notice the difference between the planets shown below. And yes, these images actually depict planets, not soap bubbles.

Now let’s move onto the contents of the box.

Package Contents of iPhone XS/XS Max

  • Quick Start Guide, the SIM card removal tool, and the iconic Apple stickers, which are included with every Apple device.
  • As confirmed by Apple, the box doesn’t come with a USB-C fast charger, but only with the stock 5-Watt USB Power AC adapter.
  • As expected, the 3.5 mm jack adapter is missing. Apple, therefore, axes one of its best-selling accessories, by not including it in the box. If you want it, you must pay for it or take advantage of an older smartphone.
  • A smartphone with new wallpapers.

There were no other surprises to be discovered in the iPhone XS packaging.

YouTube influencers receive Apple products before the average user. But fret not, your brand spanking new iPhone will hopefully ship within the next four days.

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