iOS 10 Adoption Rate is now at 87%, according to Apple

iOS 10 firmware now powers 87% of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Here’s how the numbers stack up.

iOS 10 now powers 87% of iOS devices

87% is an excellent adoption rate considering iOS became public only in September 2016. iOS 10 was an instant hit and was already available on 48% of iOS devices.

Apple collected this data from devices that accessed the App Store before July 28th. Back on 5 June, this figure was stuck at 86% so this is just a minor increase.

ios 10 adoption rate

The other 9% represents those devices who deliberately chose not to update to iOS 10 for jailbreak or compatibility.

The remaining 3% represents firmware versions older than iOS 9.

How does iOS 10 have such a high adoption rate?

This has been possible only due to Apple’s penchant for bringing users something “new” with each update. Apple encourages all users to update to the latest versions to get the latest performance fixes and security patches.

Hence, a lot of users end up updating to the current firmware.

10.3 beta update

iOS 11 firmware is missing from this data as Apple doesn’t count the beta versions of firmware. This update is currently available for download only for registered developers and beta testers enrolled in Apple’s beta program.

iOS 10’s adoption rate is much higher than Android 7.0 Nougat, which is stuck at a measly 11%. In the coming weeks, the number is expected to go even higher as more users will switch to iOS 10.

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