Google tracks you even if you disable your iPhone’s location history

Google often displays weather data when you move to a new location with location tracking disabled. But how can Google access our location if you disable your iPhone’s location history?

Google is watching you – even if you say no

As suspected, Google has unfettered access to all location data stored on your iPhone.

According to an Associated Press report, Google apps and services for Apple devices store your location data even if you disable location tracking from privacy settings.

It is useless to deactivate the GPS of the mobile or manage Google’s permissions because Google knows where you are even if you do not want it to.

This is made possible due to the location history of any of Google’s apps for iOS. If you disable your device’s GPS, Google will stop storing location markers but it will still know where you are in real time.


This is not the first time that Google has been embroiled in privacy battles. Back in 2017, the search giant admitted that it collects location data of Android users, even when the Android location services were disabled.

What Google has to say about location tracking 

Google states that users can disable their location history whenever they want to but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The company defends itself by stating that location does not only depend on GPS but also on location history, web, and app activity.

You can use to deactivate apps and services that Google uses to track you. However, activity control is limited only to Google apps.

To completely disable tracking, you can disable location services system-wide straight from the Settings app.

If you are still paranoid about Google’s tracking shenanigans, the best solution is to uninstall all Google apps from your device right now.

(Source – Associated Press)

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