Fortnite Servers Down – When will the game get back online?

The Fortnite gaming community has been ‘out of the game’ for a few hours now. Here’s when the servers will get back up online.

Why did Fortnite’s servers go down?

Epic Games recently experienced a critical failure on one of the databases that stored user account data. This effectively blocked out their matchmaking and login systems.

Users who tried playing the game during downtime were greeted with the “No connection” error. The game has been throwing this error for the last ten hours.

This is bad news for the game as a lot of people will consider switching to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Here’s what Epic Games’ official Twitter handle posted regarding the server status.

Though the developers identified and addressed the underlying issue, the servers went offline once more.

As of now, the developer team is working on a proper server upgrade to fix this issue once and for all. However, this will take time considering the gravity of this situation.

What next?

The official representatives of Epic Games have assured users that developers will roll out a fix as soon as possible.

You can keep a tab on all real-time updates by Epic Games on the aforementioned website.

Surprisingly, only the login system is down right now. Other services like API, matchmaking, messaging, and voice chat are still online and functional.

Fortnite 3.5

Unfortunately, no tweak or hack can fix or bypass this issue as it pertains to the game’s servers.

Until the game comes back online, you can go walk for a walk outside, play PUBG, or just meet another member of the human race.

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