Fortnite hits $1 billion revenue mark thanks to in-app purchases

Fortnite has broken all previous records and laid to rest the assumptions of analysts who said that the game was just a fad. The Battle Royale game just hit the coveted $1 billion revenue mark in 2018.

A billion dollars with in-app purchases

SuperData recently a research into the phenomenon of the new Battle Royale genre, especially Fortnite. According to its analysts, Fortnite: Battle Royale has already hit the $1 billion revenue mark. 

Surprisingly, Epic Games generated the revenue exclusively through in-app purchases. For the uninitiated, players spend money via micro-transactions to level up their in-game characters and get access to powerful weaponry.

Fortnite in-app revenue

Epic Games has been offering this title for free since the official launch of the game, and it seems like the studio knows what it’s doing.

Earning a billion dollars with a single game is a major milestone and a goal that is difficult to achieve, even for AAA game studios.

The driving engine behind Fortnite’s growth is Apple’s iOS platform and this trend has also affected the overall computer and console market.

What next for Epic Games?

Fortnite became the undisputed king of the Twitch streaming platform and reached millions of viewers. In May this year, the game reached 574 million hours of total views.

SuperData, as well as other analytics and statistics companies, predict that the Battle Royale craze will not stop in the near future.

Revenues related to this genre last year amounted to $1.7 billion and crossed the $12.6 billion mark in 2018.

Fortnite one billion revenue

The genre will only get bigger from here and is predicted to hit $20 billion at the beginning of 2019. Moreover, Fortnite will stay at the forefront even though many AAA games will hit the Battle Royale gaming scene.

(Source – SuperData)

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