Fortnite might soon be ported to Apple TV

If we are to believe this new rumor that just surfaced on Twitter, Fortnite for Apple TV could soon become a reality. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

tvOS reference found in Fortnite’s source code

What many imagine and ask for may come true in the future. Storm Leaks, a Twitter user who specializes in Fortnite leaks has found snippets of code, which that indicate that Fortnite could soon reach Apple TV.

StormLeaks drilled down its source code and came across mentions of tvOS. Here’s the image that StormLeaks shared on Twitter.

With that said, this development is purely speculative and Epic Games is yet to confirm anything in regards to an Apple TV port. The studio may or may not launch Fortnite on the Apple TV in the future.

Is Apple TV powerful enough to run Fortnite?

Porting Fortnite to the Apple TV should not be difficult at all for Epic Games. The reason being that tvOS is just a modified version of iOS that works on the Apple TV.

The Battle Royal shooter requires an Apple A9 processor or above on both iPhone and iPad devices. It supports iPhone 6 and newer models and can easily run on Apple TV 4K.

Apple streaming service

Therefore, the chances are high that game could soon come to Apple TV. There might be some graphics limitations or downgrades on the aging Apple TV (fourth-generation), but that wouldn’t be a major issue.

Will Fortnite be playable on tvOS?

Shooting games require dedicated hardware such as keyboard and mouse. The stock Siri remote is, of course, not designed for shooting and aiming.

Nevertheless, should the game come to Apple TV, Fortnite addicts will be able to use a controller for a better playing experience.

Apple TV’s user base is already small, to begin with, and hardly anyone uses it as a gaming console. And if Apple decides to stick with the stock remote, it will alienate a large portion of its user base.

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