Samsung Galaxy X will steal features from iPhone X

It has been just over five months and rumors are rife about Samsung’s next smartphone, the Galaxy X. Here’s how it is going to look like.

Samsung will copy iPhone X’s features

1. AirPods alternative

A prototype of a new Samsung smartphone has just leaked. It suggests Samsung’s new flagship device labeled “X” will come with a 3.5mm headphone jack along with a headset.

Although the leak doesn’t reveal much, it indicates Samsung is not ready to ditch the headphone jack yet.


Apple was the first smartphone manufacturer to drop the headphone jack. Naturally, Google followed suit and it should now be Samsung’s turn.

Surprisingly, the South Korean giant has decided to stick to the old ways.

Samsung will also introduce its own wireless headset that will rival Apple’s AirPods. However, this headset will be more affordable to the end user as compared to the AirPods.

2. Dual Camera

Moreover, Samsung will also steal the dual camera with advanced depth detection. Apple calls its depth detection system, TrueDepth, and the X will have a similar system implemented in the rear camera.

This camera will also have a three-layer sensor that will allow you to capture videos at a whopping 1000fps.

It will also have anti-glare BBAR optical coating for crisp images.

3. Facial Recognition System

The Galaxy X will obviously come with its facial recognition system. However, it won’t be as accurate as iPhone X’s FaceID system.

Samsung relies on 2D recognition while Apple uses advanced 3D technology. This leads to greater accuracy and a better experience for the end user.

They are still developing and refining their facial recognition system as it has a lot of bugs at present. According to me, Samsung will only be able to implement 3D recognition in 2019.

Will Galaxy be able to compete with the X?

Galaxy X will not have a lot of changes and will just be a step up from the S8. To fully upgrade your Galaxy, you will still need to wait out for a year or two.

Apple’s flagship smartphone is certainly hurting Samsung’s bottom line so Samsung is trying to its best to chip away a piece of the pie.

Samsung Galaxy X

iPhone X is on a whole another level and outperforms pretty much every device on the market. So it would be an uphill battle for Samsung from now on.

Samsung’s latest smartphone will arrive in a few months from now so let’s see if it can really challenge Apple.

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