How to fix Error (Fatal) in unc0ver jailbreak on iOS 12

Just like its predecessor, the latest jailbreak tool by Pwn20wnd comes with its fair share of errors, one of them being the pesky “Fatal error” message. Here are two simple methods that will help you fix it in a jiffy.

unc0ver jailbreak Error (Fatal) explained 

Unfortunately, not much is known about this error message apart from it being an issue with the bootstrap extraction.

According to the popup, the issue lies with the “JailbreakViewController.m” file in line 1673.

The app throws the Error (Fatal) message when it fails to extract the bootstrap during the exploitation stage. 

You can then press OK or select View Log to view the error log. However, none of these options are useful and will not help you bypass this error.    

Developer Pwn20wnd is diligently working on a patch that will go live in an upcoming version. But until a new build is issued, here is a simple fix for iOS 12 users that has an almost 100% success rate.

Fix for unc0ver jailbreak Fatal error

Method 1

Step 1 Open the unc0ver jailbreak app.

Step 2 Go to the Settings tab and enable the following options.

  • RootFS Restore 
  • Reinstall Cydia (optional)
  • Reset Cydia Cache (optional)

Step 3 Go back to the home screen and tap Jailbreak.

unc0ver jailbreak

Method 2

Step 1 As soon as the error message appears, press OK.

Step 2 Open Cydia and install a new tweak/package.

Step 3 When the installation is complete, tap the Restart SpringBoard button to respring your device.

That’s pretty much it. Your device will be in jailbreak mode and your tweaks will be fully functional. But keep in mind that this method will work only if you receive this error message while you re-jailbreaking.

Method 3

  • Upgrade to the latest version of unc0ver jailbreak. As of this writing, the latest version is v3.0.0 Beta 30 that you can get from this link. This is not a fix per se but a general best practice and could even help you bypass the error message.


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