A Candid Interview with the Cyrus Dev Team

Today, we have the developers of Cyrus Installer onboard. I conducted a candid interview with the Cyrus Team and even got them to spill some beans about their upcoming version :D.

All answers given below come directly from the developers.

Q1. Why did you develop the Cyrus Installer?

A. We made Cyrus because we were tired of waiting for others to sign the things we wanted.

cyrus installer

We thought we could do a pretty good job developing it and making it so users wouldn’t have to spend tons of time trying to download apps, which is what you see in other installers, where it takes up too much time.

Q2. Your installer got up and running very quickly. How much time did it take you to develop it and what goes into maintaining it?

A. We developed Cyrus in about 3-4 Weeks.

For maintaining it, it’s pretty simple – just help out users with problems, maintain updates and apps, and make Cyrus the best it can possibly be.

Q3. What makes it better than other installers like TutuApp and AppValley?

A. What sets us apart from other installers is Variety. We have themes, tweaks, weekly wallpapers, layout changing. Other installers don’t have these things.


We ask their users for their creations, such as wallpapers and themes to host on Cyrus because we want it to reflect the users we have.

Another thing is simplicity. We will always strive to make it the simplest installer ever. And sometimes, simple is good.

Q4. How do you deal with the certificate revocations that seem to happen on the daily?

A. We try to get the apps signed and back up and running as soon as we can. With Cyrus VIP, that won’t be much of a problem anymore.

Q5. Do you plan to expand your apps/tweaks list?

A. We will be expanding our Apps and Themes/Tweaks list in the time to come.

cydia alternative

Cyrus VIP will have even more apps, and we are looking for some great people to design or send us their amazing themes!

Q6. Can you please shed some light on the upcoming version? How will it work?

A. We can’t share too much, but Cyrus VIP will have barely any revokes, User IPA Signing, Tons of Apps, and more! Did we mention it’s free?


Q7. What can we expect from Cyrus team in the future?

A. Well, we will be working to make sure Cyrus is the greatest. We are always working on new things every day!

Truly, we can only expect better things from these creative individuals in the future. If you haven’t checked out their App Installer already, be sure to follow this installation tutorial.

Hope you enjoyed this interview with the Cyrus Team and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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