BlueYalu Jailbreak for iOS 10-10.2 Released [DOWNLOAD]

Developer LoftyNine is a new entrant on the jailbreak scene. He has just released BlueYalu, a redesigned version of yalu102 jailbreak. Download it below.

  • Update (May 13) – Version 3.2 featuring UI improvements has been released. The download link has been updated.

What is BlueYalu Jailbreak?

BlueYalu is not your average redesigned version of Yalu such as Yalu Dark or Absinthe. It brings a few new features to the table.

safari jailbreak ios 10

Here’s what’s new in this version –

  • It allows you to enable Substrate at the click of a button.
  • You can also Reinstall Cydia simply through a toggle.
  • It jailbreaks your iOS device with a “Slide to Jailbreak” option.


This new version looks very much like a concept I posted earlier on Twitter.

Download BlueYalu

Why is BlueYalu Jailbreak useful?

If Yalu jailbreak working fine on your device, there’s no need to use BlueYalu. However, if yalu102 application is broken and crashing, this new IPA file will surely come in handy.

If Cydia is not working as expected or it’s file system is broken, you can try this IPA package. You can also try it out for the new features and additions in this version.

Before you jump the gun and decide to download it, keep these following things in mind –

  • Since it’s a redesigned version of yalu102, it will not work on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.
  • When you jailbreak your device when the “Substrate” option is disabled, your device will go into No Substrate Mode.
  • Reinstalling Cydia will delete most of the installed tweaks.

blueyalu cydia

This new tool is open source on Github. You can download its complete source code and edit anything you want.

This jailbreak is still in early development stage. Hopefully, its developer will add more features and an improved interface in the future.

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