Apple could acquire Snapchat in the future

According to some Wall Street analysts, Apple is looking to acquire Snapchat. Let’s find out if such a deal will actually go through.

Apple wants to have its own social network

Apple has never succeeded in the social media arena and is yet to present a serious challenge to Facebook and Snapchat.

However, things could soon turn around as the Cupertino company wants to purportedly acquire Snapchat.

Snap currently stands at a valuation of a whopping 22 billion dollars! The messaging app has a fairly big user-base and enjoys huge popularity with the younger demographic.


Apart from its user base statistics, Snap has also been working on augmented reality for quite a few years. They even launched their AR glasses called Spectacles, which quietly went under the radar.

Apple, too, seems to be doing the same and this could be another reason why they want to acquire Snapchat.

Will Apple really acquire Snapchat?

The idea that Apple wants to acquire a social network is obviously not too far-fetched.

They have acquired Dr. Dre’s “Beats” label for $3 billion in the past and might be looking forward to a social network acquisition in the future.

This will surely cost them a pretty penny but Apple can invest in pretty much anything it wants to. Their cash reserves are literally overflowing due to recent successes.


All things considered, Snap has failed to put a dent in Instagram that now rests safely under Facebook’s wing.

Moreover, the recent update debacle has also forced a lot of users to downgrade and get the old Snapchat back on their smartphones.

This is not the first time Apple is rumored to acquire a social network and certainly won’t be the last either.

What do you think – will the Cupertino giant launch its own social network in the future? Leave your opinion below.

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