Apple TV could turn into a full-blown gaming console in the future

Apple seems to be hell-bent on taking over as many markets as possible. After launching HomePod, the Cupertino company has expressed interest in foraying into the gaming industry.

Apple TV will soon rival XBox and PS4

Apple’s latest trademark update suggests that Apple TV’s new logo will now relate to gaming consoles and video games.

This suggests that the Cupertino tech giant could enter the gaming market with a new console in the future. 

For the uninitiated, Apple isn’t a new kid on the block. They released their own gaming console, Pippin, back in 1996. It was an astounding failure and managed to sell just over 40,000 units.

Apple TV console

Since the trademark is associated with Apple TV, a new model of the set-top box, geared specifically towards gamers, might already be in the works.

Apple TV is a highly underutilized device and adding a gaming twist to it will certainly boost its sales. A lot of gaming titles available for iOS are ripe to be ported over to Apple TV.

Moreover, it will also open up new possibilities in terms of hacking and jailbreaking.

Can Apple really compete with Microsoft and Sony?                 

This is not the first time that the “Apple gaming console” rumors have come to the fore and certainly won’t be the last. These rumors have been around ever since Apple releases the Apple TV.

However, this latest rumor does have some weight behind it because Apple hired Sony’s console expert Norman Wang a while back.

Wang has worked on several groundbreaking gaming consoles by Sony such as the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, and the not-so-popular PS Vita.

apple tv

Wang’s expertise in the gaming arena will ensure Apple provides fierce competition to Microsoft and Sony.

Would you purchase an Apple console if they decide to release one? Leave your comments below.

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