Netflix testing an Ultra plan priced at €16.99 per month

According to a new report, Netflix seems to be testing a new plan that will be a cut above the rest. This plan will have exclusive features that the existing plans lack and will be a bit costlier too.

Netflix Ultra could bring HDR support

The upcoming “Ultra” plan will have all the features of the “Premium” tier and will purportedly offer HDR content.

It is also worth noting that the existing Premium plan will undergo a hefty downgrade. Premium users will only be able to stream simultaneously on 2 devices as opposed to 4 whereas the “Ultra” users will get the option to stream content on up to 4 devices.

This will help make room for the expensive new plan and make it more enticing to the users.

Netflix Ultra

For the uninitiated, Netflix currently offers the following plans –

  • Basic ($7.99 per month) – Basic plan gives users access to all Netflix content without HD resolution and limited to single screen viewing.
  • Standard ($10.99 per month) – Standard plan has all the features of the Basic plan and offers HD content and lets you watch movies on two screens at the same time.
  • Premium ($13.99 per month) – Premium plan has all the features of the Standard plan and lets you watch Netflix content on up to 4 screens in Ultra HD resolution.

When will Netflix launch the new “Ultra” plan?

Netflix higher-ups have confirmed that they are indeed testing new pricing models to see how customers react to it.

However, they have yet to officially name any specific plan that will soon join the roster of the streaming service.


This plan is slated to reach users in the next few months. If everything goes according to plan, you will be able to upgrade by September or October.

Would you pay a few dollars more to avail the upcoming ultra-premium Netflix plan? Leave your opinion below.

[Source – Tutto Android]

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