Antennagate 2.0 – iPhone XS (Max) marred by poor WiFi and cellular reception

Just like previous years, the early adopters have begun to report some problems related to their new smartphones. According to reports, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max smartphones are experiencing signal reception issues.

Poor connectivity plagues iPhone XS and XS Max users

Quite a few users are complaining of poor reception both on mobile networks and over WiFi. This is all the more surprising because the new smartphones have a new antenna design that allows for better and faster signal reception.

There are a lot of reports in Apple’s support forums, Reddit and MacRumors forum. As for the Wi-Fi reception, some users claim their new iPhone XS Max prefers to connect to their network’s 2.4GHz band, while the iPhone X easily connects to the 5GHz version.

Moreover, the WiFi connectivity signal in the status bar barely manages to reach two bars; when normally they always had 3 or 4 bars on older devices.

iPhone XS

This problem is reminiscent of the Antennagate, which emerged shortly after the launch of the iPhone 4.

The reasons for the reception problems are so far unclear. The same applies to “fixes”.

WiWavelength had previously reported about this problem, based on the data published by the US regulator FCC, that the reception of the new iPhones could cause issues and it should be examined more closely.

How can I fix WiFi/cellular connectivity issues?

Some users reported that resetting the network settings should eliminate these problems. However, sometimes all stored WiFi networks, including the associated passwords, can get lost.

Apple officials have yet to comment on this issue. However, the company is getting a lot of negative press after the incident.

Once enough people report the issue to support forums, Apple will need to push a fix in a future update.

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