WhatsApp now connects users through Facebook servers

Facebook currently finds itself reeling under multiple privacy scandals. However, it doesn’t stop the social networking giant from tightening its grip on your data.

WhatsApp users to now connect through Facebook’s servers   

Beginning today, WhatsApp will now connect users through Facebook servers whenever possible. This move is purportedly aimed at enhancing the quality of your connection.

Facebook intends to initially offer its servers to WhatsApp users in just a few countries. As of now, all users from Israel are connecting to WhatsApp through Facebook’s servers.

If history is something to go by, the United States and other tier one countries will be the first to receive this feature.

Remember, your device will not immediately route all WhatsApp traffic through Facebook.

This feature will only “fire” when establishing such a connection will result in performance improvement.

What does this mean for you?

Since WhatsApp already works at blazing fast speeds, end users will notice little to no change.

However, this might allow Facebook to exercise more control over your data and even intercept it in real-time. Time to switch to Telegram, friends!

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If this move succeeds, we might see even Instagram and other Facebook-owned services following a similar route.

Interestingly, this move comes at a time when Facebook is facing the heat for breaching the privacy of millions of users.

What do you think? Will Mark Zuckerberg succumb to user pressure and remove this feature altogether? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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