TWPlus – Unlock hidden Twitter features

Another day, another tweak. TWPlus lets you unlock hidden features of Twitter in an instant. You can download this amazing tweak for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch below.  

How TWPlus works 

Twitter, just like other social networks, likes to impose certain limitations on users.

For instance, you can’t save uploaded media from your feed to your device or can’t beta test new features that are due to be rolled out in the future. That’s where this new tweak comes in.         

TWPlus Cydia tweak activates experimental Twitter features and also lets you save media at the tap of a button. It is developed by veteran Twitter developer Chloe Kuznetsov. 

Here’s how this tweak looks like in action.

TWPlus – Unlock hidden Twitter features

TWPlus – Unlock hidden Twitter features

Posted by Yalu Jailbreak on Saturday, November 10, 2018

Here’s a quick rundown of its features –

  • Download Videos – Save videos through the iOS action sheet from feed and direct messages straight to your camera roll
  • View Blocked Profiles – Continue seeing tweets and profiles of users how have blocked you.
  • New Buttons – Enable new tweet buttons.
  • Activate Experimental Features – Enable hidden experiments in the Twitter app for iOS. 
  • Third-party app support – Full compatibility with Twitter++.

And that’s not all, since the developer intends to add more features to the tweak in the future.

How to download videos and use other hidden features

Using this tweak is pretty straightforward as it doesn’t come with a preferences area. You can get started right after installing it from Cydia.  

Save videos

  • Tap on a video from the feed or your messages.
  • Tap the “more options” button.
  • Tap Download to start the download. 

  • Wait for the green progress bar to finish.
  • The video should now be saved to your camera roll. Open the stock Photos app and access it from the “Videos” folder.

View Blocked Profiles

  • Tap the search button and input the name of the user who has blocked you.         
  • Access his or her profile. This feature doesn’t bypass the restrictions put in place by Twitter but rather works around it an ingenious way. 
  • Tap the View on web button to view their tweets in the Safari web browser. Just make sure you are logged out of Twitter in Safari, otherwise, this feature will not work.             

New Buttons 

  • Tap the blue”New Tweet” button present in the bottom-right corner.   

  • Type in your tweet and tap the Tweet button present in the top-right corner.

Activate Experimental features 

  • There’s not much you have to do about activating the hidden experimental features that Twitter is still testing. Your user interface will automatically change each time the developers introduce some new “test” features.   

Download TWPlus

Chloe’s tweaks are considered the gold standard for Twitter in the jailbreak community.

If you are a heavy Twitter user, this is the tweak you will want to download. Above all, it’s totally free so there’s no reason not to. Highly recommended.

Interestingly, some of the experimental features that TWPlus enables, remain functional even if you reboot your device in no-jailbreak mode. This means you can sideload and use this tweak just as well even on a non-jailbroken Apple device.

TWPlus is available for download on Packix repo for free. It is compatible with iOS 10-11.4.1.


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