Twitter will soon remove the “Like” button, here’s why

Since its inception, Twitter has used the retweet and the like or favorite button to let users engage with each other. Per Telegraph, the social network is all set to ax the like function.

Like button will soon be history  

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey claimed last week at an event that he isn’t a big fan of the heart-shaped button and that they wanted to get rid it soon.

And the reason why is to improve the quality of discussions on the platform.

The heart button has been in use since 2015 when it replaced the star-shaped favorite button.

This decision comes as a surprise as “like” or “favorite” is the most basic form of interaction that almost all Twitter competitors, for example, Facebook and Instagram have.

However, there are psychologists who claim that this kind of interaction causes addiction to social media, where users are constantly seeking approval. Some people share photos and videos and delete them if they fail to garner enough likes.

Since March 2018, Twitter offers “bookmarks” that let users save tweets privately.

Currently, Twitter is analyzing several methods to remove the like feature altogether and plans to introduce possible changes to encourage responsible behavior on social media that will lead to non-toxic discussions.

“Edit Tweet” and other new features coming soon

The social network has faced flak for years for its offensive user-generated content such as trolling, insults, threats, etc.

In recent years, Twitter has become a safe haven for cyberbullies, online predators, trolls, and political brigadiers that often force legitimate users to delete their accounts.

Twitter trolls

To counter that, the microblogging social network is looking for new features that will replace the good old “like” button.

For example, Twitter is working on an “edit tweet” button that will allow you to edit your tweets, possibly within a short timeframe.

Moreover, changes in the account verification process and.

(Source – Telegraph)

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