Telegram 5 for iOS has been rewritten in Swift for improved speed

Telegram has been rewritten from scratch in Apple’s own programming language, Swift. The user interface has remained the same, but the rest of the app has seen a major improvement.

Telegram for iOS receives a major update

Thanks to the Swift rewrite, the app is now faster and more energy-efficient. The notifications now work everywhere in the app, the animations in chats are smoother and the synchronization is faster.

These notifications are collapsible so that you can continue with what you were doing. If there is such a notification, you can pull it down to open up the relevant chat.

When you are done, you can close it again and go back to wherever you were before. In version 5, the counter for unread messages also works slightly differently than before. You will now see the number of non-muted discussions with unread messages.


Many innovations and features of Telegram 5.0 were first tested in Telegram X – an alternative app by the same company. However, it is still unclear whether this app will disappear from the App Store now.

Telegram X was released especially for the iPhone X as a fast and energy-efficient alternative to the normal app. This app was also developed in Swift.

The secure messaging app also fixes some new bugs in the latest update and adds some extras in the macOS app, such as Touch Bar compatibility and swiping gestures.

Download Telegram 5

You can download the latest update using the link below. Alternatively, you can get it straight from the App Store if you already have this app installed on your iPhone.

‎Telegram Messenger
‎Telegram Messenger
Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free+

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